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Local storage on the Northern Beaches

Man and His Van is also a storage company. We started our first furniture storage business in 1994 and the business as grown steadily over time with the addition of four additional Sydney storage buildings, all situated on the Northern Beaches. Our storage facilities are there for your long or short term reservations.  Storage provisions range from a delayed home settlement needing only overnight storage to continuous rental when clients have moved overseas.

Goods are professionally stowed away

Man and His Van will move your goods into store, and professionally stack each furniture bay. The door is then sealed until the day you need it. We are proud of our security record, and unlike the self- storage companies, we do not give the general public full access. Our stores are fully secure being both locked and alarmed. We have only two key holders and they are both directors of the company.

How are goods stored?

Having the storage unit professionally packed by Man and His Van, gives you the assurance that your goods will be safely stored, even if the goods are stored for longer than expected. We have had customers storing continually for over 20 years and the goods are still as they were all that time ago. This is not just coincidence, Man and his Van have worked hard to create an environment that protects your possessions. New roofs, clean and well maintained buildings, regular pest control and storage bays which are designed for furniture are a few reason why we are so successful.

Do you really need self-storage?

The self-storage companies offer 24 hour access but do you really need to be able to access your goods around the clock? The answer to this question is usually a resounding no. So why pay the extra to have this facility?  You will be happy to know that the pricing from Man and His Van storage will work out cheaper than the self-storage alternative.

Customers store furniture for many reasons and short term storage will be needed for events like a delayed settlement or having floors sanded. Longer term storage is for occurrences such as moving abroad, renovating or as is currently happening customers are thinking the market has topped out and have simply sold their houses.  These are all examples of where self-storage is simply not required and the Man and His Van storage facility is ideal.

Look before you store

We welcome potential customers to visit Man and His Van at our Brookvale office. We are proud of our storage and will be delighted to show you around. Visit us at unit 6 91-93 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale, Sydney.

Tips for moving into storage

Many of our customers prefer to pack their own possessions in preparation for Man and His Van moving the goods into storage. This is certainly a way to save some money but please follow a few simple rules.

  • Clean your fridge, including the rear drip tray.  Man and His Van will always store a fridge with the door open. However, mold will still appear if the fridge is not thoroughly cleaned before being put into storage. The drip tray and ice box need cleaning too.
  • Use new boxes. New moving boxes are much stronger than the used ones. Always assume the goods will be in storage longer than initially expected.
  • Use plastic covers for bed bases and mattresses, sofas and arm chairs and all other upholstery. Leather lounges should be wrapped in a furniture quilt.
  • No food. Please, do not bring any food or other perishables into our store. Over time, there is risk of mold and spillage and more to the point we want to keep our premises pest free.
  • Pot plants do not store well. Surprisingly enough pot plants do not tend to do well when in storage for a long period of time. We will be happy to deliver your plants to a friend for safe keeping, but unfortunately we do not off a plant watering service.

Following these tips will go a long way to ensuring your goods are in the same condition when leaving the store as they were on entering. We are always available to answer any questions when you are preparing to come into our store.

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