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The Box Man

The Man and His Van Box Shop is your first stop for removalist boxes and packing materials when storing or moving here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

We specialize in both retail and wholesale moving cartons, wine boxes, boxes for dresses and suits, butches paper, tape, plastic covers, stripey storage bags and bubble wrap. Basically, everything for your moving and storage needs. The box shop is located in Brookvale, behind Warringah Mall, and is open six days a week. There is plenty of parking so drive right up to the door.

Quality boxes and materials

Man and his Van stands for quality in the Sydney removals industry and our boxes are no exception. Our cartons (boxes) are constructed of strong double thickness cardboard suitable for long term storage or interstate and overseas removals. In fact, our boxes are so strong we also sell used cartons. Packing materials are of a similar high quality; tape is Italian Vibac and all plastic covers are tough heavy duty. Even our $4 stripey storage bags have good metal zips making them re-usable.

Cheap second hand Boxes – used cartons

The box shop carries a selection of used boxes. Both large and small boxes, wine boxes and port-a-robes are sold second hand. Obviously these boxes will not be as strong as the new cartons but they will be fine for local removals, garden cleanout days and general de-clutteing. We suggest the use of new boxes for interstate and overseas removals and also if long term storage may be required.

Cheap boxes when Moving with Man and His Van

Man and his Van is your local furniture removalist for Sydney Northern Beaches and North Shore. All our moving customers receive new boxes for the price of used boxes plus a significant discount on mattress and sofa plastic covers.

So get in your car and drive over to the Man and His Van Brookvale box shop. Be sure to empty the vehicle first as the boxes can be quite bulky and you will need the extra room. Give the counter bell a ring and we will be there to assist with your moving , storage and box needs.

Box shop address unit 6, 91-93 Old Pittwater Road Brookvale.

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Range of boxes and packing materials

Tea chest boxes

The tea chest size box is the standard removalist carton – ideal for the packing of kitchens and bedrooms. This twin cushion box is used by all professional Sydney furniture removalists.

Book and crystal boxes

The book and crystal cartons are tough little boxes designed for not only heavy books and garage tools, but also for delicate glass, objects d’art and bottles of wine and spirits. We use these boxes for suspension files and records storage as they are much stronger than archive boxes.

Wine Boxes

These specialists wine cartons are recommended for storage of good quality wines. Each box can accommodate twelve bottles and the wine is correctly stored in a flat position. The cartons can be stacked even though the wine is stored flat.


The hanging box or port-a-robe has a top rail for hanging suits and dresses. These sturdy boxes can be used for goods in storage or transit or even for long term personal use as they are constructed of strong double thickness cardboard.

Butchers paper

Wrapping paper is used for glassware and china as well as forming extra protection for items when packed in a box. We recommend the use of butchers paper instead of bubble wrap for general packing of glass and china.

Bubble wrap

Both the plain bubble wrap and the much stronger (but harder to work with) paper backed bubble wrap is used for paintings and sometimes for very fragile items when in boxes.

Tape and tape guns

Good tape is essential when packing a home – particularly when long term storage is required. Man and His Van sell top quality Vibac brand tape. Rest assured, with the Man and His Van tape you will not be hearing the sound of boxes popping open in the middle of night. To make the packing job easier we also stock hardy, easy to load and use tape guns.

Lounge and mattress covers

Man and His Van recommend the use of plastic covers when moving and storing bed bases, mattresses and sofas. Our plastic covers are made to measure plastic bags constructed of heavy duty plastic. The box shop stocks various size bags suitable for a mattress, bed base, lounge, arm chair and a dining chair.
Marker pens to clearly label the boxes

Marker pens

Marker pens which write on either the box or the tape are sold retail at the box shop. Always label the boxes when packing and, where practicable, try and write on the tape.

PVC Woven Stripey Bags

Stripey storage bags ideal for duvets, linen, soft toys. Use them for Christmas decorations or doing the laundry.

Packing Tips

The golden rule with packing is making sure that nothing rattles within the box. Even if the box is shaken there should be no movement. Keep it tight. Pack the box so that even if the box is dropped then nothing will break. The packing trainers at Man and His Van will, deliberately, kick a newly packed box of a trainee down the stairs at our office just to see if anything breaks.

Many professional removal companies use our boxes and packing materials. This is indeed an indication of the quality and competitive pricing of the boxes and packing materials sold by Man and His Van at the Brookvale box shop.

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